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girard tankflow foot valve

Vero Beach, FL-February 1, 2012-Girard Equipment USA has recently added a new Hydraulic Tankflo valve to their ever-growing line of composite foot valves. The new valve features a hydraulic cylinder that actuates to full flow.

The Tankflo valve employs an integrated butterfly valve into a bottom outlet valve body. The “slim-line” valve poppet opens up and away from the discharge area allowing an unrestricted 3” flow path capable of fast unloading rates. The built-in cleaning position exposes both sides of the valve disc, allowing expeditious and easy cleaning.

The new hydraulically actuated model features the most popular connectionstyleinNorthAmerica:thecamandgrooveoutlet. With seals and O-Rings made from PTFE, the valve is suitable for operating temperatures between -40° C and 200° C. Other sealing materials are available upon request. The design promises to be durable as well as user-friendly.

Girard Equipment, USA is North America’s leading builder of pressure controlling devices for road tankers, IBC’s, Rail Tank Cars and tank trailers. Girard has sales centers in LaPorte, TX and Linden, NJ with branch offices in Chicago, IL, Rotterdam, Beijing and the United Kingdom. For more information on Girard’s Tankflo please visit their website at:, email: or call USA +1 908 862 6300/ UK: +44 (0) 1603 784999