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Girard Equipment, USA has added several new features to their website that promise to give customers access to even more useful information and support. The support literature section of the site has been expanded to include additional manuals and instructions for many Girard products.

Currently in the final stages of production are a series of training videos for several Girard products. The videos will feature disassembly and repair instructions, along with a demonstration of the testing procedures for each vent. The series is expected to be available for viewing via Girard’s website and YouTube account within the coming weeks.

In addition, new language translations have been added as a convenience for customers, allowing the site to be viewed in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Chinese, and French.

About Girard Equipment, USA

Girard Equipment, USA is North America’s leading builder of pressure controlling devices for Road Tankers, IBC’s, Rail Tank Cars and Tank Trailers. In addition to four manufacturing and sales facilities in the USA (Houston, Chicago, New Jersey and Florida), Girard’s global network also includes a distribution center in the Netherlands, and sales offices in Beijing and the United Kingdom. Family owned and operated since 1952, Girard Equipment prides itself on providing high quality products in a fast and reliable manner while providing a high level of customer service.