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This program, created by the Hibiscus Children’s Center, is designed for kids in the foster care system, ages 15-17 years old, to assist in transitioning into independent living.


Career Pathways to Independence is a program that provides career services to youth in the foster care system who reside at the Hibiscus Children’s Center or in a foster home within Indian River County.  These teens are between the ages of fifteen and seventeen; by partnering with local business owners the program offers three levels of partnership: job shadowing, internship, or part-time employment lasting upwards of ninety days.


Girard Equipment is happy to come on board as a new career pathways partner offering both job shadowing and part-time work.  Currently, the company has brought on board one young man who showed incredible potential and enthusiasm towards the opportunity that allows him to still go to school and get the on-the-job experience needed. “I love working with my hands and learning something new,” the ambitious teen said during the formal interview process.


This is a long-term commitment on behalf of Girard Equipment in relation to their belief in the good work Hibiscus does throughout the community and for the youth of Indian River County.  Come late spring, Mr. Girard is set to speak in front of the teen group to offer them insight on how to be a good employee and business leader. “It’s a program worth participating in, “ says Girard Equipment President Tim Girard.


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