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Strategically placed and ready to serve, Girard Equipment has offices and repair centers across the country.  Offering more than just parts, Girard Equipment has two North American full repair centers and distribution warehouses located in La Porte, Texas and Linden, New Jersey.

Specializing in pump and compressor installations, the Texas branch of GEI is conveniently just outside of Houston.  Keeping dozens of chemical and petroleum hoses in stock, Brent Beamesderfer boasts “We have what the men out in the field need when they need it.” In addition to keeping inventory housed, this location also repairs and troubleshoots countless trucks and pumps for the oil industry and provides full hydraulic installation packages. The La Porte Service Center is a vital part of the Girard brand which focuses on the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals by road, rail and sea.

On the East coast Girard Equipment Linden supports the northeast with Girard manufactured products while also offering hose and fittings to the Petroleum and Chemical Transportation Industry.  From a service standpoint, Linden is a “Job shop” for specialty fabrication in stainless steel and aluminum. “In this neck of the woods Girard is an industrial pioneer,” describes John Girard who runs the Linden office.

By having locations throughout the country Girard Equipment knows what customers want and strives to make those offerings a reality.  Whether it be a new, revolutionary gasket that can last up to twenty times longer or a new repair service offered at one of our growing facilities in the South or the East; Girard Equipment truly caters to its customers.

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