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Girard Equipment’s Houston-area location

Girard Equipment’s Houston-area location, located in La Porte, Texas, has begun its makeover into a new multi-purpose facility.  The redesign will allow more manufacturing and repair on a local level as well as provide unrivaled support among its many customers in and around the greater Houston area and beyond.

The changes will also allow more support for the Girard Intermodal product line, launched in 2005.  The facility will act as a support depot for all Intermodal and Domestic products, including Girard’s expansive line of DOT407 vents.  Repair work will be offered on site for customers, with pickup and delivery service available.

Mr. Brent Beamesderfer, Girard’s Houston-area facility manager since 2006, has received extensive training in all aspects of the Girard product lines at the GEI Manufacturing Headquarters, located in Vero Beach, Florida.  He is the main point of contact for customers needing assistance with Girard products and will oversee the repair and recertification of all Girard valves and vents at the facility.

In keeping with Girard Equipment’s focus on their customers, the company is also taking steps to implement an online support feature.  Their new website, being launched shortly, will feature an extended directory of support literature, as well as signup forms for training seminars located at the Manufacturing facility in Vero Beach, Florida.  In addition, Girard will also start releasing instructional videos for their products on the company website and Facebook page, as well as on YouTube.

About Girard Equipment, USA

Girard Equipment, USA is one of America’s leading manufacturers of Tank Trailer equipment, and is well known for its popular design of Pressure Relieving Vents and Magnetic Vacuum Breakers. In addition to four manufacturing and sales facilities in the USA (Houston, Chicago, New Jersey and Florida), Girard’s global network also includes offices in Rotterdam, Beijing and the United Kingdom. Family owned and operated since 1952, Girard Equipment prides itself on providing high quality products in a fast and reliable manner while providing a high level of customer service.

For more information on Girard Equipment, please visit: www., email:, or call 1-800-526-4330.