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Swivel Pressure Relief Vent

GIRARD EQUIPMENT, INC.-Vero Beach, FL has introduced another connection style to their popular line of DOT407 series pressure relieving vents. The DOT 407 Swivel Vent with “Swivel Style” connection was made available earlier this year and has been directly marketed to the tank trailer builders for them to offer as a solution to their customers. Several hundred are in service today with no reported issues to date.

This new swivel style design featured in the DOT 407 Swivel Vent has proven to be particularly beneficial to customers who need specific positioning of the venting device in relation to the air unloading accessory packages while the available space within the spill dam is limited. Careful attention was paid to the DOT 407 Swivel Vent design to minimize the number of repair parts needed and to develop a vent, which could be easily disassembled with hand tools. Common repair parts are interchangeable with all styles throughout the Girard DOT 407 line of vents.

The 3” and 4” DOT 407 Swivel Vent connection is available in both Pressure Relief and Pressure/Vacuum vents and can be further customized upon request.

Other benefits to using the DOT 407 Swivel Vent include the ability to upgrade older venting configurations, eliminating the need to use fusible caps (vents) to augment the emergency flow requirements of older tanks built before September 1995. Most importantly, these new style offerings can be used to replace other pressure relief venting brands that have proven to be less efficient and more costly to operate.

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