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The July 2013 HETY Award has been granted to The Academy, a learning institution that utilizes Taekwondo as a vessel in its “Way of Life” program to instill strong principles in its students. The Academy offers both an alternative education program and an aftercare program that strive to give students an academic advantage and teach them to make positive life choices. Competition teams are also available in Taekwondo, swimming, soccer, and basketball.

The Academy is also in the process of opening a community center. The center, opening this fall, will have a more structured focus on discipline and leadership. The yearly membership fee of $25 includes one full day each week of activities such as soccer, basketball, and Taekwondo. In addition, The Academy has started a community giveback program. Students and their parents are encouraged to devise a list of ten people who need help completing tasks around their homes or neighborhoods. The students then volunteer to complete the tasks.

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