Girard Contact:

(800) 526-4330

The GEI Rotterdam location will provide real time response and support for our European clients.

Girard Equipment is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.  Since 1952 and the need for internal pressure of road tankers arose, we have been a leader in the industry.  It is an honor that helps us to evolve, currently GEI have over 30 unique designs for pressure relief vents as well as vacuum breakers and our locations are expanding including our newest location in The Netherlands.

Girard Equipment has consistently established itself as the preferred alternative valves supplier in the European market.  With many thousands of valves and components now operating from the Eurozone in the Off-Shore, IBC, Tank Trailer and Tank Container sectors; the opening of Girard Equipment’s newest location has arrived at just the right time.

Girard NL has been specially designed to support existing clients and also provide real time response to all contacts in Europe.  In order to properly cater to the European market, Girard NL has been staffed by Cor de Koning, Anita Aslan, and Romano Brackx.  Cor de Koning has been a member of the Girard team for quite some time and is the head of management for this region.  Inside sales representation will be handled by Anita Aslan and all warehouse activities will be monitored by Romano Brackx.  Girard NL will provide several key functions for our clients including quotations, order processing and tracking, warehouse services, testing and repair, and most importantly giving our growing customer base a local contact from a global supplier.

Moving forward, Girard NL will be essential in the creation of a more diversified product line for our global markets and in establishing long-term partnerships.  Though we are growing, Girard Equipment is still a company rooted in tradition with an investment in innovation.  We are certainly looking forward to the future.