1 1⁄2” BSP Airline Ball Valve

1 1⁄2″ BSP Airline Ball Valve

Girard 1½” Airline Ball Valve is fitted with a full 1½” bore stainless steel ball between two solid PTFE seals.

Only Girard produces an Airline Ball Valve with a true 1½” flow-through area which allows for the fastest unloading rates on the market.

The ball is equipped with a relief hole which faces the pressure side of the tank and allows effective communication with the pressure gauge while the valve is in the closed position. The relief hole also ensures there is no retention of product or build up of pressure inside the body.

The valve is machined with a 1½” BSP male connection, flat faced to seal against a gasket on a compressed airline connection or a blanking cap.


  • Gauge will continue to register tank pressure with valve in both the open or closed position.
  • Machined to accept a Gauge Guard to protect the gauge from damage. Gauge Guard is available upon request.
  • Fitted with a 200 micron stainless steel mesh Gauze that helps protect the tank from possible contamination. The gauze filter may be changed in-situ.
  • A Flange-Style valve is available with slotted connection flange allowing 1 1/2″ ASA, 1 1/2″ BST D and DIN 50 fitting.
  • Can be equipped with a dual connection pipe “T” with a 1 1/2″ BSP and 1 1/2″ NPT thread.
  • Can be equipped with Pneumatic or hydraulic remote control operator to avoid the operator having to climb on top of the tank.
  • Produced with heavy duty investment castings and electro-polished to a bright finish.

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