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At Girard Equipment, we’re not just trying to keep up with change, we drive change; we move it forward to heights never achieved before. That is the essence of our culture.

For more than 60 years, Girard Equipment has been producing quality products for an ever-growing, ever-changing industry. Well known for our popular design of Pressure Relief Vents and Magnetic Vacuum Breakers, Girard Equipment has been influencing and improving the transportation of liquids since 1952. Today, Girard Equipment is one of America’s leading manufacturers of Tank Trailer equipment and is recognized throughout the world as a superior choice when it comes to reliability, performance and trust.

The tank trailer industry is in constant motion and the road ahead is rough enough without the worry about what sort of equipment you have behind you. Providing solutions to emerging changes within the industry is our specialty. Our involvement in many of the industry associations, such as the National Tank Truck Carriers, Tank Trailers Manufacturing Association and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, keeps us well versed in the complexities of the industry so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Progress is about MOVING FORWARD.
For close to 70 years, Girard Equipment has been on the forefront of the Chemical Transportation Industry. We live by the mantra that it’s not enough to keep up with change, as leaders we must progress and move it forward; always mindful of ways to improve product design and safety for our customers. In 2012, we opened our own purpose-built foundry to supply our growing need for quality castings. From an original concept to the finished part, we can provide a solution to fit your needs.

We provide a solution to fit your needs.

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