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3” NPS female pipe thread, 35# MAWP (DOT3x407T2)



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Our DOT 407 Vent combines a low profile, light weight design with increased flow rates to meet the most demanding needs of virtually any DOT 407 tank.

The stainless steel valve seat seals on a Teflon encapsulated silicone O-Ring. This O-Ring provides complete chemical resistance and a bubble-tight seal to meet the latest DOT requirements. The unit also meets the surge requirements of 178.345-10 (b) (3) (ii) 1 liter.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 6 in

Upper Housing Hole Plug (402019)

Rain Cover Retaining Screw (402001)

Vent LP Rain Cover (402003LEP)

Pressure Spring - 25#, 30#, and 35#, MAWP Vents (402005)

Spring Retainer for Pressure Only Vents

Poppet - Pressure Only

Teflon Pressure O-Ring (402007)

3" NPS Connection Threaded Lower Housing (402018)

3" Teflon O-Ring Gasket (3TOR)

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