Intermediate Bulk Container


Launched in 2005, Girard’s Intermodal products come with the same reliability and innovation as our Road Tank products. The ever-evolving product offering includes multiple styles of Composite Footvalves and Safety Relief Valves, as well as Airline Ball Valves, Offshore Valves, and more.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Our Smart Vent and IBC Vent both offer superior protection at low pressures, and can also be used in a multitude of other applications.

Railcar Acid Tanker Trailer


The Girard Rail Vent safely and reliably relieves excess pressure that would otherwise create a hazardous condition in a tank car. Stainless Steel construction and PTFE linings provide durability and a selection of flange styles ensures we’ll have what you need.


Whether your specific needs are as simple as an Outlet Cap, or as complex as a Teflon®-Lined Pressure Relief Vent, Girard Equipment can handle your requirements with accuracy and ease.

Chemical Tanker Trailer


Transporting liquid chemicals has never been an easy profession. You need a Pressure Relief Vent that is tougher than all the rest. Here at Girard, gaining customer confidence has always been the primary focus and our first hand association in the chemical transport industry shows.

Petroleum Transport

We are now stocking hundreds of pertinent items that can be shipped within 24 hours of your request, anywhere in the world. A growing list of stocking distributors stand ready and able to assist in any way they can.


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Mission Statement:

To be the most trusted name in tank component manufacturing by employing the latest manufacturing technologies and personnel truly dedicated to their craft; henceforth, providing our clients with proven products that are deliverable within reasonable times with quality they expect and service they deserve.