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4” TTMA Flanged External-Style Valve with Hastelloy® Poppet



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The Girard ChemOvation External Valve is made from heavy duty investment cast stainless steel. A smooth, electropolished finish allows for easy cleaning and increased chemical resistance. All working parts are housed away from tank lading. A single indicator pin can be used for visual valve positioning and in case of emergency to manually open valve. Most repair parts, including soft goods are interchangeable with other current manufacturers on the market today.


  • Hydraulic mechanism is isolated within the valve and can be disassembled and repaired without removing from tank – a huge time saver!
  • Smooth internal cavity promotes faster unloading rates. No trapped areas means less chance of contamination.
  • Most soft repair parts are interchangeable with other major brands and parts are available through our extensive distribution network
  • Entire valve can be cleaned and repaired in place – another huge time saver!
  • Valve position indicator pin can be used to manually open valve in the event of a hydraulic failure
  • Electropolished surfaces for easy cleaning and increased chemical resistance
  • Robust 316 stainless steel investment cast construction produced in our American foundry
  • Meets CFR 178 & CFR 180 US DOT code regulations
Weight 38.5 lbs

Hastalloy Poppet

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