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Girard Super Dome



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  • THE Girard Superdome Manway includes :
  • Girard DOT 407LW Pressure Relief Vent
  • Girard DOT 407 “New Generation” Magnetic Vacuum Breaker with 1” Air Accessory Package
  • Stainless Steel Air Accessory Package: 1” Full Port Ball Valve, 45º Elbow, Universal “Chicago” connection with dust cap
  • Girard liquid-filled pressure gauge (0-60 PSI ) housing and all internal components are stainless steel
  • Girard Manway cover model GP19800 and collar (6-Hold Down)
  • Girard 3” Stainless Steel Cap on a 3” nozzle. Built in accordance with RP33-98 “Screw Threads for Clean-Out Nipples”
  • Two strategically placed sealing/security tabs
  • 1/8” vinyl coated stainless steel braided cable attached to a 3” cap


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